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8 Sep
Trend Alert : 4 New Colours for your Living Room!

This week, we’ve got an exciting trends post from a fantastic Wales-based interior designer, Emily May Interiors. Take it away, Emily:

Are you keen to stay on top of the new trends? Well I am here to help
you with the newest colour trends for the upcoming season!

1. Millennial Pink (a.k.a Pale Pink)


This trend has been everywhere, but no one is quite able to pinpoint the specific colour.

“Millennial Pink” has now become an umbrella name for many pale pinks that have a slight ‘salmon’ hint to it.

Complementary Colours

You can easily pair any pastel tones together; this colour scheme shows how you can pair the pale pink, with a dusty pale blue beautifully, or contrast it with an orange.

Shop this colour trend..

If you want to add some Millennial Pink into your space, this stunning 2 seater sofa could be the perfect piece for you. This sofa is the perfect choice for a Chic Boutique Living Room.

London 2 Seater Sofa – Brussels Rosewood (Available in 4 Colours)

2. Teal


Teal is such a fresh and uplifting colour, perfect for brightening any space! You can use this as a feature colour, or just use it in your accessories for a pop of colour.

Complementary Colours

Contrasting the Teal with a Dark Coral creates a very vibrant colour scheme.

You could also pair it with a pale grey for a light more toned down scheme.

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If you like the idea of adding some Teal to your Living Room, why not go bold and choose this luxurious Velvet Sofa?

Stratford 2 Seater Sofa – Brussels Petrol (Available in 6 colours)

3. Dark Green


Nature-inspired interiors have been very popular this year, dark greens in particular have picked up quite the interest! From Emerald Green all the way to Dark Khaki.

Complementary Colours
Using multiple shades of green in one space can add a lot of depth and interest. This doesn’t have to be limited to furniture and paint, try and mix in some plants into your room.

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Ready to brave this botanical trend? Why not introduce it with a dark green armchair? This classic armchair has generous button detailing for the ultimate comfort and luxury!

Hampton Armchair – Brussels Olive (Available in 6 colours)

4. Navy Blue


Navy is fast becoming the new black! This colour is perfect for adding some drama to your space, but unlike black, navy will add warmth.

Complementary Colours

Navy looks stunning when contrasted with colours. We would suggest being bold and brave with this trend and contrast it with an orange or a berry colour.

Shop this colour trend..
If you’re looking to add some Nautical Navy to your Living Room, why not opt for this wonderfully elegant and stylish armchair. It will be the perfect addition to a modern home!

Shoreditch Armchair – Ranch Navy (Available in 4 colours)

Or if you want to be really bold, why not combine them all for a
beautiful on-trend palette?

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