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24 Aug
5 ways to optimise small kitchen space

No matter what size the kitchen space, ensuring that time is spent planning and understanding tailored requirements is essential. But when working with a smaller kitchen space, it is especially important to ensure thorough planning to meet practicality and functionality.

However, this does not necessarily mean compensating aesthetic qualities. There are numerous modern additions that can transform any kitchen space – big or small – whilst ensuring all space is optimised and used to its full potential.


A major marker of 21st century kitchen design is the incorporation of islands. This trend can be used in nearly any space, offering extra seating, increased cabinet storage and prep space, whilst maximising the floor plan.

Going beyond the traditional rectangular shape, modern islands can be oval or circular, adding a clean, smooth and chic quality to your kitchen. They can be utilised to house the sink, microwave or dishwasher, whilst also providing the perfect way to separate the living area from the kitchen in an open-plan layout.


Wall space can often be neglected when re-designing a kitchen. The initial thought being that maximising this space will cause clutter and detract the eye from the kitchen’s overall impact. However, there are numerous practical accessories that can be utilised, whilst remaining sleek.

Magnetic strips can be used to keep knives organised and out of children’s reach, and hooks can organise larger utensils that are difficult to store. Making these items constantly visible also enables further organisation when it comes to meal preparation.


Creating specifically designed spaces for plug-in appliances will ensure that the final kitchen design incorporates even the smaller details. Placement is key when considering appliances, and hiding them in cupboards provides more surface space for preparation.

When designing for a smaller space, it’s important to remember that smaller appliances do not necessarily mean compensating functionality. The world of conventional appliances has been transformed in recent years, and considering combination appliances – such as microwave/oven – and drawer dishwashers will ensure space is fully optimised.


Sinks can incorporate numerous space-saving accessories. You can add slide-in chopping boards, or opt for surfaces that double as counters. Also, always remember the storage potential below the sink.


Customised cabinetry offers the opportunity to mold your kitchen space to suit your needs. Moving beyond standard drawers and opting for customised sections and sizes – such as utilising plate holders, or specially designed cutlery drawers – will improve organisation and maximise space. Adding columns with pull-out shelves will also fill narrow gaps in wall units.

What are your top tips for maximising the functionality of your kitchen space? Let us know!

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