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15 Aug
Safety in the bathroom

A bathroom is thought of as being luxurious and relaxing, however it is also one of the most dangerous rooms in the house. This is especially true for the elderly and young children.

But, with these bathroom safety tips, you can make the bathroom a safe and relaxing place for everyone in the household.

Ensure access

A door lock is an additional concern when it comes to bathroom safety for both senior and young people. If someone needs help or a fall occurs, they may not be able to unlock the door from the inside.

Locks on both sides of the doors can provide privacy for older people, while allowing a way to enter the bathroom in case of an emergency.

Adequate lighting

Getting up to go to the bathroom during the night can be dangerous, as often you try to make your way to the bathroom in the dark or with minimal lighting. Therefore, it is important to have good lighting to help with orientation and prevent falls getting to and from the bathroom.

This is also an important feature for children too when they are learning to go to the toilet independently.

Why not opt for additional lights to be installed either side of your mirror, so you can use this as an alternative to using your main recreational lights, which can sometimes be too bright.


Senior adults may not notice that the water is too hot as their ability to feel heat may be decreased due to certain medical conditions, medications, or neurological damage. Older adults also have thinner skin.

Bath water that is too hot can cause deeper burns with even brief exposure. This is also very crucial with young children who have very sensitive skin.

Installing a thermostatic tap will balance pipeline water pressure and temperature to ensure the hot water remains at the temperature you prefer.

Non-slip tiles

Just as you should never run in around a swimming pool, the risk of slipping and tripping is one to avoid in the bathroom – both in and out of the bath. Use a non-slip tiles and mats in the bathroom to keep your child from sliding around, or for small babies, use one of the many ‘bath cradles’.

The same applies for older people who could easily slip on the bathroom floor and severely injure themselves. Non-slip mats and tiles are not expensive and you can get extremely stylish ones too; the variety is not limited!

Hand rails

One of the most simple, inexpensive and effective solutions to making your bathroom safer is adding grab bars or hand rails.

You want to make sure that the grab bar you choose will support all the weight it will need to support. The most common place to install a grab bar is in the shower or bath, while hand rails are usually installed vertically along the edge of the bath or shower wall.

All of these recommendations can be installed or applied while still maintaining a luxurious feel – as well as working with your current bathroom theme. The options are endless!

If you have any questions about how you can make your bathroom safer, speak to our bathroom design team today: 01792 588554.

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