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4 Aug
Around the world…interior influences

Transport yourself to your favourite country without having to leave your home with these easy interior tips:


Asian interior style evokes an image of serenity and tranquillity. Asian interior is inspired by the colours of nature and use decorations that mimic scenic landscapes, so keep the backdrop as neutral as possible. Gentle cream, understated light blues and an elegant grey work well to create a laid-back ambiance.

Water is a perfect way of achieving an Asian style of ease and simplicity, so try add a small water feature in the entrance room, living area, or garden to fulfil the relaxed vibes.


The French are synonymous with style. France is immersed in history from the architecture to the museums. It’s quintessentially French to mix modernism with provenance, try and incorporate antique furniture and décor where possible.

Paris apartments are notoriously dark so Parisians keep their walls white to maximize the amount of light. But if you do crave some colour, create an accent wall.

Middle Eastern

Middle Eastern architecture and interior design express the country’s diverse history through detail, texture and geometry. Go high contrast with bright hued accents, washing all your walls full of vibrant colours.

Plenty of cushions, rugs and poufs can add bold colour to your home and go for the classic lanterns to add authentic features. Bold Moroccan tiles focus on geometric forms, framing doors and windows and decorating floors.

New York

New York apartments are known for their cool, urban inspired vibes and it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most sought after trends. Statement lighting will give you an urban upgrade. Look for coloured cords with decorative bulbs, angular wall-mounted bedside lights and factory-style pendants.

Exposed brick walls create the ultimate warehouse style, it makes a statement that speaks to this rough and ready aesthetic. Don’t rip off the plaster straight away as it’s easy to create a brick-effect wall using pre-made panels.


Vivid colours combined with earth tones are the basis of achieving African interior style. Wood in its various forms is an important constituent of the African design scheme.

Do not be afraid to try to go bold with the African style. Vivacious yellows, bright natural greens and revitalizing reds seem perfectly at home in an audacious setting that draws inspiration from different cultures of the region. Ensure that instead of a polished lacquered look, the finish is a touch rustic and raw.

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