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27 Jul
Maintaining your patio this summer

Hoorah it’s summer! The sun has finally started to shine and we’re all ready to sit out the garden and soak up the rays while the BBQ cooks up a storm. However, your garden has probably been slightly neglected all year and your patio is looking a bit worse for wear…

Here are some quick tips to bring your outdoor space back to life!


Regularly brushing over your patio will remove any dirt and debris that’s on the surface. Brushing will also break off any small weeds that have sprouted, preventing them from growing further. This will then also prevent any seeds from germinating, as they won’t have anything to take root in.


A frequent scrub down with soapy water can work wonders on your patio. Simply get a bucket, some water, a brush and your chosen cleaner.

Scrub the surface backwards and forwards applying some downward pressure to the brush. Washing up liquid is the best to use but you can use certain floor cleaners, just make sure that they are acid free as acid based cleaners can react and damage some surfaces.

Pressure Washer

If you own a pressure washer this will allow you to give your patio a deep clean. Be cautious of any detergent that you use which may damage the surface if it contains certain chemicals and also be careful around joints.

A poorly aimed pressure washer can clear a sand filler joint and damages mortar joints if they are old and a bit fragile, so ensure that you gently sweep backwards and forwards over any surfaces.

Removing Lichen Build up

Lichen growth normally appears as black or white spots on a surface. There are specialist fungicidal cleaners available but in most cases they will achieve the same result as using bleach and a scrubbing brush.

Due to clinging force of lichen, don’t expect to shift it with one bleach application and a scrub. Instead, repeat treatments over a period of time.

Sealing your Patio

There are many different patio sealers available on the market today which aim to seal the surface and remove its ability to absorb water, moisture and other substances such as oil. This will certainly delay the growth of any weeds, algae or lichens.

Once sealed, your surface should then have the ability to repel or water and moisture. However, this is not a one stop solution, you will still need to maintain it through brushing cleaning.

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