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27 Jun
Welcome true character with geometric tiles

Geometric tiles (characterised by regular lines and shapes) can sometimes be a love or hate style. We, however, have seen a surge in this trend and it’s definitely more on the love spectrum as of late. Not sure whether you could take the plunge? Geometric tiles are more versatile than you may first think.


For modern interiors where scarcity and neutral tones are often key, geometric tiles add character, especially when a gloss rather than matte finish is used.

Classic chic

For a classic or perhaps even gothic look, black and white geometric tiles are a must. Black and white is often chosen for a chic design technique that doesn’t date.

Bold colours

Geometric tiles bring personality on their own, but adding bold colours give them that real standout appearance. They work really well in kitchens, where they can jazz up the back-splash and add vibrancy to the room when balanced against neutral kitchen furniture. Being a bit daring and dotting a few 3D tiles amongst geometric tiles can give the look a further boost.


Geometric floor tiles may seem garish, but it’s all about the look of the room and which colours and pattern you go for. Warm tones can bring a vintage and cultured feel to a room. It’s certainly more of a talking point than carpet.

Bathroom glamour

For us, we love how geometric tiles work in bathrooms. They can completely transform a bathroom and make you look like a home décor extraordinaire. There’s an array of geometric tiles suitable for bathrooms to choose from, but stick to black and white if you want to play it safe. Otherwise, think grey for a smart and sophisticated look or a statement wall of blues or turquoises for a stylish family bathroom finish.

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