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26 Sep
Hotel bathroom chic for your home

An opulent bathtub in a modern, chic bathroom is always a highlight to a weekend getaway. But bringing that feeling of escapism and relaxation to your own home is both accessible and affordable. Consider long lasting practical features, combined with exquisite extras and you will have the simplistic elegance of the hotel look mastered.


Opting for earthy, natural tones is the easiest and simplest way to achieve a subtle and stylish look. A neutral palette makes accessory shopping easy, and creates a classic and timeless overall design. If your bathroom is spacious, floor-to-ceiling natural tiles are sleek and easy to maintain.

Stony, grey colours can also create an ultra-modern neutral look, especially when utilising large grey tiles. Chunky box like basins give the space a distinctive modernist look.


Monochrome bathrooms make a masculine statement, and suit a smart city town house. Visualise white angular baths that meet sleek, black metro tiles. The illusion of space can be created through clever storage, whilst floor-to-ceiling mirrors will open up space and prevent the black colour scheme becoming overbearing.

More feminine drama and decadence can be created through a statement roll-top bath, candelabras, and sparkling pendant lights.

If the white walls too harshly contrast black tiles, maintain balance through utilising a light grey paint on walls.


Nothing is more relaxing than a retreat to a spa, so why not bring the experience to your home? Mosaic tiles are the key element to this design, whether that’s through tiled walls, baths or sink surrounds. Simplistic white paint provides a serene backdrop to the bathroom. If large, circular baths are unsuitable, modern fittings such as egg-shaped baths will instantly add a spa-like quality.

Further, if the bathroom is too small for a bath, include a generously-sized shower in your design. Enhance your experience with rain showerheads and body jets. Some showerheads can also include music, aromatherapy, chromatherapy lights and nebulizer options for increased wellbeing.


Remember that most hotels are relaxing partly because they are free of clutter. Hiding away all of the day-to-day practical accessories like toothbrushes will add style and simplicity to your bathroom. Clever cubby holes allow room for toiletries, and add depth and dimension to the bathroom. If hidden storage is not optional, replace mismatched containers with refined porcelain canisters.


If you’re considering a Savoy-worthy bathroom, utilise brass fittings and iridescent tiling. Look for pieces with a distinctly Art Deco feel. If you’re looking for ultra extravagance, lavish throw pillows in waterproof fabrics give tile bathtub surroundings a cushiony feel, whilst a thick plush mat gives your fresh toes a treat!

Also, remember to include practical elements in the glamorous design. The best hotels will have heated towel racks finished with soft Egyptian cotton towels, and indulgent heated flooring.


Plants in the bathroom have been more en vogue recently, and can add a quirky and unique touch to your bathroom. If you’re worried about the upkeep, consider a few faux plants. Be sure to keep it simplistic, though; clutter will detract from the luxury hotel feel.


A pop of colour through wall paint can work wonders in small spaces, and such additions are reminiscent of boutique hotels. Picture rich, dark colours, paired with copper features for a sumptuous look.

Otherwise, opt for a bright colour on your walls to make a statement. A zingy lime can add a modern zesty twist. Pair with floor-to-ceiling mirrors to bounce light in the room, along with clean crisp white walls. Similarly, a simple and chic use of a coloured shower screen in an all-white bathroom will give your bathroom a burst of colour and quirkiness.

If painting a wall is too daring, try introducing some art into the bathroom. Despite the common concern that moisture will damage art, a fresh regular flow of air will keep them in condition. Whether it’s photography, or a unique piece, art can inject real personality, and some of the best hotels add art to their bathroom walls.

If you’re looking to re-create the hotel look in your own home, contact Glamorgan Tiles on 01792 588554 for advice on teaming sleek accessories and fine toiletries for the ultimate bathroom hotel experience.

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