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21 Sep
Five essential things to consider when re-designing your bathroom

In a recent blog post, we outlined the key design elements to consider before starting a kitchen renovation. Akin to the kitchen, the bathroom is a prime space in the house, and can add value to a property. Check out our top tips for re-designing your bathroom.

1: Tiles

As there are so many tile options available for bathrooms, it can be easy to get carried away. But typically, it is best to keep to no more than three different tiles. You may be drawn to a particular tile or design, so make this your starting point. If this is a unique colour or pattern, this should be the focal part of the design, pulling more subtle colours from it in accent tiles. However, if the initial choice is plain, consider adding an element of interest with a colourful accent tile.

Another great option to add an element of interest to a plain bathroom is to introduce patterned or coloured floor tiles. Be sure to take maintenance into consideration, though. For example, tiles made from natural stone require more maintenance, and must be sealed. If you are unsure of your best-suited tile, do not be afraid to speak with the experts.

2: Toilet fitting

If you are considering a modern bathroom renovation, wall-hung toilets have grown in popularity as of late. They are not only more affordable, but also save space, as the tank is hidden. However, due to the way these toilets drain, if you were to opt for a floor-mounted unit in future, the supply will require reworking.

3: Storage

As with the kitchen, functionality is key in the bathroom. If you are working with a large space, consider installing a vanity unit. Be sure to take time to pick the right vanity unit for the space: get one too big, and you could interfere with traffic routes; too small and you’ll be scrambling for countertop space and storage.

Recessed cubby spaces, whether they are in the shower or placed around the bathroom, can make an efficient use of space. Take careful consideration of where these are placed around the room for ultimate functionality.

Also, don’t forget the functionality of hanging space. Hooks are the easiest way to add organisation to a bathroom, without adding countertop surface area. They can be used for everything, including clothes, bathrobes and towels.

4: Shower type

There are a number of things to consider when deciding on your shower. Here are just a few:


Simplistic beige prefabricated shower bases are now a thing of the past, as there are numerous modern, clean bases available, made from acrylic or porcelain.


If you are opting for a walk-in shower area, it is essential to consider the floor type. Larger tiles are more difficult to slope, and they’re more slippery as the grout lines are further apart. Smaller tiles offer more traction, and the options are nearly limitless.


Introducing a window to the shower is a great feature, provided it is done properly. Ensure to use a frosted-glass panel for privacy, ideally one that opens for fresh air. Also, ensure that the sill slopes slightly for correct drainage, whilst also utilising plastic handles to prevent rust.

5: Lighting

Recessed light fixtures on the ceiling will brighten up the entire room. Be sure to include one or two in your shower, and an option is to install a dimmer switch to adjust the mood (however, you must ensure you are complying to rules and regulations of the type of light switch you are using in your bathroom. You must ensure light switches, including dimmer switches, are situated outside your bathroom for health and safety purposes).

If you are placing a mirror in your bathroom, it is important to consider its use: does it suit aesthetic or functional lighting?

We hope this blog was insightful and triggered some ideas you might not have considered!

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