Enhance the look and feel of your house with our selection of Natural Stone Wall and Floor Tiles.


 There is no other material that exudes more elegance than marble. Whether you are looking to enhance your residential project or add a touch of sophistication to your commercial project, our range of high-end marble tiles are the perfect solution. Capturing the inherent beauty of this coveted natural stone, the collection incorporates the highest quality materials, covering the whole spectrum of colours and textures.


Long Island Marble Honed Tiles - Glamorgan Tiles

Long Island Marble Honed

A very affordable, classic white marble with grey veins.  It’s available in 10 x 30.5cm tiles as well, so you can create brickwork or herringbone designs.

Palladio Marble Honed Tiles - Glamorgan Tiles

Palladio Marble Honed

A luxurious, contemporary marble with a palette of warm grey tone and plenty of highlights. The honed finish makes the stone irresistibly tactile.

Zen garden Sheru Marble Mosaic TIles - Glamrogan Tiles

 Zen Garden Sheru

Our Zen Garden Collection of mosaics and tiles are cut by water jet into beautiful organic shapes to reflect the tranquility, natural colours

Zen Garden Yangai Marble - Glamorgan Tiles

Zen Garden Yangai

Mosaic Marble Tiles cut in organic shapes to reflect the tranquillity, natural colours and calming aesthetic of the traditional Japanese garden.

Casabrand Tile Company

Our new in-house brand Casabrand Tile Company offers a unique range of Tiles.
You will find designer tiles that will not only make a statement but will add a superior
finish to your room setting.

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