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Washboy Super Pro

Washboy Super Pro

The RUBICLEAN SUPERPRO washboy is made of injected polypropylene (PP) to provide the user a light and heavy-duty washboy.
It is equipped with 2 grooved high resistance squeeze rollers in order to facilitate draining, and thus to achieve greater discharge of water, leaving sponges with the optimum moisture level. The roller brackets are reinforced, to make them more pressure-resistant during repeated wringing. The polypropylene (PP) draining grid features a series of reinforcement points to give it a  greater bending resistance, and is located in the upper part of the washboy, as well as a decantation band which means that the water in the washboy is better used. The polypropylene (PP) handle is located in a longitudinal position for a more comfortable and safer transportation.

Product Specification

Plastic washboy, light and heavy duty, with two squeeze rollers and separation-decantation system of sewage.
Includes wheels and carrying handle.
Capacity: 24 L
Useful capacity: 19 L
Dimensions: 52 x 27 x 30 cm.
Supplied assembled and in 1 unit box

Price: Please Ask In Store

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